Rose Tree Woods Swim Club

            Over 60 years of fun!

Established 1956

Broomall, PA

Board of Directors 2020

Executive Board

President - Charlie Vanderslice  

Vice President - Meghan Thomer

2nd Vice President -  

Secretary - Dana McGee

Treasurer -Bernie Ferry



Finance & Planning

Chairperson - Bernie Ferry

Long Term Planning

Co-chairs - Phil Schina, Pat Jordan

Committee - Bernie Ferry, Joe Vassallo, Meghan Thomer



Chairperson - Dana McGee

Committee - Sue Bohn, Pat Jordan, Joe Pinto


Membership & Newsletter

Chairperson - Karen Spector

Co-chair - Kelly Delong

Committee - Lindsay DeFruscio, Charlie Vanderslice

Newsletter - Meghan Thomer                  



All Directors


Pools & Grounds

Chairperson -Meghan Thomer

Co-chair - Pat Jordan

Committee - Phil Schina, Joe Vassallo, Stephanie Murray, Joe Pinto

Golf & Games - Kelly Delong, Marc Perkins, Phil Schina, Joe Pinto


Rules, Regulations, & Bylaws

Chairperson - Dana McGee


Snack Bar

Co-chairs - Meghan Thomer & Dana McGee

Committee - Pat Jordan, Phil Schina, Lindsay DeFruscio



Chairperson - Susan Bohn

Co-Chair - Stephanie Murray

Committee - Joe Vassallo, Lindsay DeFruscio, Jonathan Karsh



Chairperson - Charlie Vanderslice

Social Media - Meghan Thomer, Stephanie Murray

Website - Dana McGee

Constant Contact  - Karen Spector, Kelly DeLong


Swim & Dive Team

Chairperson - Karen Gray

Committee - Charlie Vanderslice, Joe Vassallo, Lindsay DeFruscio



 As a bondholder, you are also a part owner of the pool. The Board of Directors meets monthly during the year to discuss pool business. They are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the Swim Club. Joining the Board of Directors is a great way to learn how the pool operates, take pride in running it, and meet all the families that belong to the pool. There are several positions up for election every year. The Board of Directors encourages all members to get involved in pool affairs. Please plan to attend the general membership meetings. If you want to be involved without the requirement of attending monthly meetings, please speak to any board member to volunteer for a committee. The more people involved in the planning, the more the Board will be able to serve the membership. All members are eligible to join one or more committees.