Frequently Asked Questions

When Is the club open?

Rose Tree Woods opens the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend every year and then we are open 7 days per week until Labor Day.

Daily hours
Opening Day - Saturday - Memorial Day weekend @ 11 AM
Preseason Hours: Dates Memorial Day - June 17
Monday – Thursday 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Friday 3:30 PM – 8 PM
Saturday & Sunday 11 AM – 8:30 PM

Regular Season Hours: Dates June 18 - Labor Day
Saturday – Thursday 11 AM – 8:30 PM
Friday 11 AM – 9:30 PM
Closing Day - Monday - Labor Day @ 7 PM

Snack Bar: (the snack bar opens at noon and closes 1 hour before the club is closed)
Saturday – Thursday 12 PM – 7:30 PM
Friday 12 PM – 8:30 PM

What does Rose Tree Woods have to offer?
Rose Tree Woods offers a summer full of fun and activities for the whole family!

•3 specialized pools
•A zero entry wading pool with a water mushroom and water jets for ages up to 6.
•The main "T" pool with 2 dive wells and a giant water slide, the biggest water slide in the area!
•A 6 lane lap pool, dedicated to quiet relaxing laps!
•Swim and Dive Team & lessons
Fun and Games
•9 hole Mini Golf Course
•Gaga Ball
•Shuffleboard & Tetherball
•Ping Pong table
•Horse shoe pits (next to the basketball court)
•Board Games
•Playset with slide and swings
•4th of July Games
•Member Appreciation Day

Other features
•Picnic area
•Snack bar
•Night socials


Is there a charge for the games?

A $1 rental fee is charged and is returned when the item(s) is returned in the condition that they were rented. The rental fee will not be returned if the rental items are lost or damaged. Rental items include basketballs, volleyball, ping pong paddles/balls, horseshoes, shuffle board disks/rods, golf balls/clubs and board/card games.

Do you offer swimming lessons?

Yes! Information will be coming out this spring on the dates, times & registration process.

What is the Swim Team?

Our Rose Tree Woods Swim Team is a great way for kids up to 18 years old to make friends, get exercise and improve their strokes. Sign-up at the club starting Memorial Day Weekend. Information on registration, practice times, and meets will be available later this spring. Parent volunteers are always needed.

Can I buy food at the pool?

Yes. We have a full service snack bar where you can buy soda, ice cream, snacks, and the usual hot dog/hamburger fare and sandwiches.

Can I bring my own picnic?

Yes. Glass and alcohol are prohibited at Rose Tree Woods so remember to pack things in plastic!

Why is glass prohibited?

Broken glass is a very serious issue for pools. In addition to someone walking on it, it could land in the pool creating a need to close the pool in order to drain it and remove the glass. NO glass!

Can I leave my 10 year-old at the pool alone?

Yes, but not your younger ones, please! Children under 10 are not to be left alone at Rose Tree Woods unless they have passed the Deep Water Test. A parent or designated responsible adult (over 18) must remain at the club even when children are participating in swimming lessons or classes.

I work during the day. Can my babysitter use the pool with my children?

Yes, but you will need to purchase a babysitter addition to your membership for $125. This is good for the whole season and you can purchase it at the office.

Does the Club close if it rains?

Rose Tree Woods will be open every day of our season but may be closed during lightning storms. It is not uncommon to clear the pools during a storm but the club would remain open if a manager thinks the storm will pass soon. Sign up for "Rained" alerts to be notified if we are closed.

Can anyone swim in the deep end?

For the safety of our children we require children and guests under 13 to take a deep water test before venturing out of the shallow end of the pool. This applies whether or not a parent is with the child in the pool. To pass the deep water test, a child must swim one lap in the deep end of the pool, using the front crawl. The stroke must be strong and demonstrate rhythmic breathing. The child must also tread water for one minute. This test is for your child's safety! Ask at the office and a lifeguard will be happy to give the test. If your child is unsuccessful, the first time, the lifeguard will explain what the child should practice in order to pass the test another day!

What kind of flotation devices can my child use?

We do not allow any flotation devices in the main pool. Over the years, we have found that children using flotation devices become dependent on them and can float into areas where they are not comfortable. For this reason, we request that all children be supervised by an adult in the main pool until they are capable swimmers. Additionally, larger flotation devices prohibit the lifeguards from properly monitoring swimmers. Based on our experience, smaller children can get trapped under the device and are harder to spot. However "Tube Nights" are scheduled every Tuesday and Friday nights for you to enjoy!

Sometimes the website does not load, is it my computer?

Our website uses Adobe Flash, so make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash player.

Can I bring guests?

Of course!
Guest passes may only be sold to current members, and the member MUST be present with his/her guests. When the member leaves the pool property, his/her guests must leave also.
Pre-season - $5 per person weekdays, $10 weekends
Regular season - $10 per person
After 5 PM any day - $5 per person
Guest pass cards are sold at the office for $50 and are good for 7 uses. Passes must be used only in the season purchased.

What other rules should I know when I visit Rose Tree Woods?

NO SMOKING, GLASS, ALCOHOL or PETS are permitted on the property. A full set of bylaws and rules can be downloaded at the bottom of the Membership page.

RULES FOR FOOD - Meals may only be eaten on the snack bar patio.

RULE FOR SWIM DIAPERS - Swim Diapers are not allowed in the main pool, but are permitted in the baby pool. Unfortunately, any accident or diaper leakage requires us to close the entire pool to all guests for treatment. For the main pool, this could take approximately 24 hours. We are certainly concerned about this type of inconvenience to our members; however, our primary concern is their health and safety, so we strive to keep the pool clean and sanitary according to Pennsylvania and federal regulations. The CDC's website provides important information on this subject at,

Golf shed

Games shed located in the center of the Mini-Golf