snack bar

We are very excited to announce that RTW Grille & Snackbar will be accepting proposals for New Vendors to run the Grill & Snackbar for the 2018 season. Snack Bar info: full service snack bar with grill, fryer, oven and pizza warmer and also selling Ice Cream and other snacks, we are looking for someone who has experience in related field. Vendors will have full control of the snack bar and menu with approval of RTW committee. Vendors will be responsible to maintain the cleaning and maintenance of the RTW Grill & Snack Bar and picnic table area. Just some big selling items in the past are French fries, Mozz. Sticks, Hot Sandwiches, Pizza, Salads and Wraps. Anyone who is interested please contact Sean Mackey and also submit a proposal to and in the email subject line please label it Snack Bar.